Providence Politician Uses Text Ripple’s Mobile Marketing to Fuel Campaign

Mayoral candidate John Lombardi is getting in on the mobile election trend this year with Text Ripple’s mobile marketing. John is running for Mayor of Providence with a campaign entitled “ It’s about community.” To supplement his campaign, Lombardi wanted a way to connect with the community of Providence on a truly personal level. The solution was to implement a mobile marketing plan to coincide with his other election strategies. Now with a mobile marketing plan in place from Text Ripple, community members of Providence can receive free updates, news and announcements about Lombardi on the campaign trail simply by texting the keyword LOMBARDI to 411NOW (411669). This information is published and promoted on his website,, Facebookand Twitter for those already interested in connecting. For Lombardi’s campaign, text message marketing offers major benefits.

This election year, mid-elections will come down to one thing: voter turnout. The challenge has become reaching voters and gaining support prior to and on Election Day. Phone calls worked for a while, and e-mails had brief success in 2008, but these days, elections are won using another means of digital communication. Today, elections are won using the power of text message marketing. After all, what better way to reach an audience than by using the most common electronic communication method in the country? That’s right, there are more mobile phones than Internet users in America. And beyond the commonality of mobile phones and text messaging, Text Ripple’s mobile marketing for elections provides clear opportunities to influence voters.

Text messaging is a timed medium. With text messaging, there is no delay as there is when a community member reads an e-mail or listens to a voicemail – all connection is done instantly. Reaction time is sped up as well. A normal response to an e-mail is within 24 hours. When it comes to a text message, a response is usually within 4 minutes! This allows the campaign to be the first connection to individuals that incites a response, instead of media or other news sources. With campaign members controlling when their own media about John Lombardi is released, there is better opportunity for honest and accurate portrayals. In a political climate, the ability to reach community members before the media and spread your message is invaluable. Now, Lombardi can connect in a timely manner when it matters most.

Text messaging is also very personal. When’s the last time you let someone look through your phone? It probably wasn’t recently or eagerly. Mobile phones are private to the individual, much like election choices. When updates are sent about the Lombardi campaign to community members, there remains a level of secrecy about the entire interaction. With personal privacy, community members are more likely to engage in the voting and supporting behavior of their actual preference. Text message updates allow community members to stay connected, while keeping their privacy protected.
Likewise, community members who choose to text LOMBARDI to 411NOW (411669), also known as text club members, are given full access to John Lombardi that otherwise would not be possible. Gaining supporters during a campaign requires that individuals feel connected to the cause in some way. By being a text club member, individuals become part of an exclusive club that allows them access to the inner happenings of Lombardi’s campaign. In this way, the campaign members give inside access to only those who choose to receive the information: the text club members. These members can feel more connected to the Lombardi campaign because they are each personally receiving updates, news and announcements. Ultimately, people tend to like the sound of exclusive text messages incoming to their personal phone.

Past events also support the use of text message marketing for election purposes. It was just two years ago when President Barack Obama sent out 2.9 million text messages to announce his vice president choice. What resulted were supporters and donators who felt much more connected to his cause. Obama had successfully used text messaging to fuel his election campaign.
In studies of this year’s mid-elections alone, the campaign has been discussed using electronic communication. Over one in ten of online users have commented on the election using a social media site. And of these individuals, six percent have discussed the election with family or friends via text messages. Additionally, a study from Princeton and Michigan University along with the US Student Public Interest Research Group revealed that text message reminders on Election Day increased the likelihood of voters to turn out by 4.2% in the November 2006 elections. A follow-up survey found that 59% of recipients actually found these reminders helpful. Clearly, elections have a ready-made place for text message marketing.

Connection to voters is key in this election. Text Ripple’s text messaging services provide a direct way to personally connect and ensure maximum support and voter turnout at events and on Election Day. There is no leeway for leaving a communication method unused during a campaign, especially one with a track record of success. For John Lombardi’s campaign and other’s election strategies, mobile marketing services are simply a necessity for successful election runs. At Text Ripple, we use proven text message marketing to create the buzz you want for your next campaign.

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