Using Social Media to Enhance your Mobile Marketing

Remember when Facebook went mobile? That wasn’t just a coincidence. Mobile technology and social media are natural counterparts to each other. And when it comes to mobile marketing, social networks are valuable tools to incorporate into any successful campaign and one should start using social media to drive sales in order to growth companys’ profit. When defined, social networks are simply online environments that allow individuals to connect and interact with each other through a variety of means. Similarly, this definition is the backbone of any type of marketing campaign: to interact and connect. Mobile marketing with text messaging gives companies the ability to directly reach an unprecedented audience. Even if customers do not have smart phones, they do have cell phones that receive texts messages. And unlike e-mails or inbox messages, text messages are usually read within five minutes. Social networks act as additional channels to reach customers. While social media marketing will not replace your mobile marketing it can be used on the side to connect and interact. If you’re still using Facebook and other social networks strictly for personal use, there’s much you’re overlooking.

Comparatively, social media marketing and mobile marketing are not that different when used for business purposes, although they do reach audiences in different ways. Social media marketing is strictly limited to the online environment. To market with social networks requires an individual have access to a computer or other Internet capable device, and that social networks are accessed often. On the other hand, mobile marketing can reach anyone at anytime, regardless of an individual’s technology. Text message marketing allows companies to market to a wider audience consisting of all individuals with a cell phone, not just those with a smart phone. Currently, less than a third of all cell phone users have smart phones. Mobile marketing with text messages provides a way to reach smart phone and non-smart phone users alike. Mobile marketing connects companies to customers much like social networks, but does so when and where social networks cannot. Both forms of marketing increase the frequency of customer interaction and ultimately, company sales. Social networks and text messages both offer ways to connect with customers and increase brand loyalty, which leads to high rates of customer satisfaction. Additionally, they both allow companies to offer added value to customers through special promotions, discounts and contests. Most importantly, social networks and text messages allow companies to market in a way which thrives on trust building and references via a one-to-many interaction. When you figure it takes just one tweet or one text to reach many audiences, they are both appealing options for improved CRM.

Of course, how companies interact with customers on social networks will differ from the text messages they send. Social media marketing heavily relies on a sense of intimacy customers feel with a product or company they follow. This type of marketing requires conversational interaction with followers – more of a talking “with” rather than “at” interaction. In social media marketing, your company must have personality to be attractive to followers. A company that shows its openness and personality through humor or other character building techniques establishes trust with their followers. This trust, in return, results in conversions. And when working with a social network as large as Facebook, with over 400 million users and growing, these trusting followers are invaluable. Ultimately, keeping customers “in the circle” of your company through social media marketing produces customer loyalty.

Text message marketing is more memorable. Text messages are sent to a customer’s personal phone number rather than posted on a public wall. In this way, text message marketing can make your customers feel as though they are your friends. The closer connection customers feel to your company, the more loyal and active they will be for it. No commercial or banner ad will make a customer feel special the way a text message will. Also, the opportunity to connect with SMS is not limited to the online world and thus has no time and place restrictions. No matter what time of day or the place a customer is at, text message marketing can always be used to immediately connect. But just like social media marketing, text messages provide excellent ways to remind a customer they are part of a select group and fuel a sense of connection to your company.

There are definite advantages to using social media as an extension of your Text Ripple mobile services. Both forms of marketing rely on a developed database of members. One of the best places to find database members is where they currently are: on social networks. Once you have accumulated a substantial number of followers on Twitter and Facebook, you already have a great target audience for a Text Ripple mobile text club. Then, while employing mobile marketing strategies, you may occasionally send an SMS reminding and encouraging your text club members to follow you on your social networks, especially at times when you are conducting an exciting SMS campaign or other marketing offer. It’s ideal to promote interactivity over the two channels to keep followers interested. Fundamentally, the more followers your company has, online or mobile members, the more effective your mobile marketing campaign is likely to be.

Viral marketing becomes easier than ever when using social media along with mobile marketing. People who use Facebook on a mobile device are actually twice as active on Facebook than non-mobile users. The multiple connection platforms of mobile and online make it easy for viral marketing to prosper, turning followers into marketers and accumulating customers for your company. In fact, viral marketing happens naturally on social network sites. The average user currently creates 70 pieces of content on Facebook each month and is connected to 60 pages, groups and events at any given time. Or take Twitter where 55 million tweets are sent out every day with over half concerning a status update or personal conversation. And as viral marketing works, the more your company interacts on social networks and mobile devices, the more likely your content is to be shared by others through a Facebook “Like”, a Twitter “re-tweet” or a forwarded text message. Once again, the two forms of marketing are collaborated and customers can interact on multiple levels.

The best part is that both forms of marketing require relatively little cost. Text message marketing is the most inexpensive form of direct marketing available. And although it has the lowest cost, it shows time after time to be the most cost effective. On the other hand, social media marketing can be done on an open platform, making it essentially free, instead of using pay monthly websites. The only cost your company endures is committing the same time and energy to your social media marketing as you would any other type.
The selected qualities each form of marketing brings to the table, makes social media a worthwhile medium to incorporate into your mobile marketing strategy. Marketing is about connecting and the more ways a customer is given to connect with your company, the more lucrative your company will be. Every connection you have, whether it be a text club member, Twitter follower or Facebook fan, we see as your next potential customer. To get the most for your time and money consider using social media as an enhancement of your Text Ripple mobile marketing.

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