Text Ripple Presents A Cutting Edge Mobile Marketing Opportunity For Digital Media, Social Networking And Direct Mail Firms

New technologies demand new customer contact techniques, and Text Ripple offers a cutting edge mobile marketing opportunity to your company. Since the onset of mobile marketing and text message advertising, Text Ripple has been on the cutting edge of this new industry. As a digital media, social networking and/or direct mail firm, you specialize in[…]

A Leap Forward for Nightclub Promotion

Frequently, nightclubs can be littered with ads on the walls about upcoming events or specials. Flyers are usually thrown across the floor and bar counters. Do you ever find these incentives to be rather meaningless? As a business owner, spending $75 to $200 dollars on flyers per weekend can be quite a waste of money[…]

Time Your Messages: The Beach Body Effect

Tanning salon customers’ habits provide ample marketing opportunities, but are tanning salons taking advantage of them?   Tanners are young, technology-using, busy people who care about their image. They’re always on their phones, and they’re always on the go. Tanning salon marketing should take advantage of the customer’s constant engagement with mobile devices. Any salon that pays attention to[…]

Text Ripple Helps Keeps Your Number One Commodity Happy By Delivering Quality Mobile Marketing To You And Your Clients

Text Ripple has the answer to how your clients stay a step ahead of the competition. After all, what’s the point of doing proactive business if your messages are being drowned in the tidal wave of information flooding their email accounts and jamming their phone lines? Aren’t they just as tired as you are at[…]