Generation C: Just How Important Are They?

You know who Generation X is, and you know who Generation Y is. But do know who Generation C is? If not, you better learn real quick.

Here’s a real shocker: your grandmother is a part of Generation C and your 10 year old is also a member of that generation. You see, Generation C has nothing to do with age and everything to do with being ‘connected’.

In last month’s article (link to: I talked about the connected consumer and what their habits are and also about how they use mobile technologies. Those connected consumers are growing every day and they span all age groups and demographics, and together they make up Generation C.

So why is it important to recognize this? Every day, every week, every month, your customers are joining Generation C when they embrace the tools and services that define our hyper-connected society today. They are starting to turn to the Internet, social media, and mobile technology in particular to find the answers they need and get help making decisions. With the sales of smartphones going through the roof and dominating cellphone sales in this country, people are using them to do more than they ever have before.

So what are you doing to ‘connect’ with them? How are you helping them solve their problems? Generation C is waiting, so what are you doing to ‘connect’ with them?


Steve Holt

Steve Holt Consulting


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