Donut of the Week? Use the Text Ripple Poll Feature

Finding it difficult to determine what your customers’ desire? Running a donut shop business means knowing your customers. If you offer a selection of donuts that don’t appeal to your clientele, your sales will not be high. However, with good communication you can provide your patrons with the donuts they will truly want. Yet, with hungry visitors coming and going, how can you satisfy their needs? That’s where Text Ripple comes in.

Text Ripple, an SMS mobile marketing service, offers live polling for your industry. With live text message polling, every cell phone is turned into a mobile polling device instantly. Here’s how your business can benefit from mobile polling: 

  • Give an audience real-time visual feed back on the results of their polling 
  • Any SMS equipped phone can be used to participate in polls or voting
  • Allows anonymous responses to sensitive questions (not suggesting donuts are sensitive, but still)
  • Test the effectiveness of training immediately
  • Speakers can gather immediate responses to questions
  • Copy and paste poll results code for your Facebook, blog or web site
  • “How to” case studies, “best practices” and Industry-specific expert consulting available

Most likely, the majority of the customers passing through your donut shop will have cell phones. This is an affordable, simple way to get your customers to say what’s on their mind. Text Ripple can provide you with visual data for whatever questions you ask your patrons, from “What should be the donut of the week?” to “What donut would you like to see here in our store?” You can see the graphed results in real-time. These graphs can be published to a website, blog or Facebook for everyone to view. With these graphs visible online, there can be even more input made. Now you’ll know exactly what people are interested in and can better adapt to meet your customers’ needs. Happy customers means more business, and more business means better profits. You won’t be disappointed with that.






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