Text Ripple Reports Can Help Your Business Succeed

As a nightclub owner, you know the importance of marketing your club. You probably know that information on customer engagement, results tracking and client interactions are what you need to configure your business’ Return on Investment (ROI) and where to dispense marketing resources.

With Text Ripple, you can have an effective mobile marketing platform and customer loyalty program at the tip of your fingers. Your main goal as a club owner, aside from turning a profit, is to get customers into your club. Text Ripple’s goal is to help you do just that. With our various features, you will be provided with communication tools to help grow your business.

A great feature of Text Ripple is our comprehendible, useful reports, which are built into our programs at every level. Text Ripple comes with the reporting you need to succeed as a marketer.

Our reports offer a constructive insight into your mobile marketing efforts. Easily configure what attracts the most users (your website, Facebook page or your text message keyword) and when users are joining your text club. You can also determine which Ripples, or texts, don’t work, by examining the number of Text Club members who leave after receiving a particular text message.

Text Ripple will help you analyze your reports and assist you in giving your customer what they want, when and how they want it!

Report Features:

  • Track redemptions
  • Track customers birth days
  • Allow customers to post to your company Facebook page
  • Get geographic data on your customers simply by asking



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