Text Ripple Polling For That New Signature Brew

Breweries are great places to go for signature beers. Most breweries make their beers in-house, so the alcoholic selections are usually very unique and exclusive. This sets breweries apart from the other bars in town.

Perhaps you own a brewery and have a few ideas in mind for a new signature brew. You probably have many loyal customers that visit your brewery often. Say you wanted to ask these customers which new beer should be showcased at your brewery. How can you reach out to your customers to obtain their opinions?

Text Ripple would love to help you and your brewery. As a complete mobile marketing and text-messaging platform, we know how to grow and nurture your business. We take mobile marketing to the next level. Your brewery can benefit greatly with Text Ripple’s features. Our “Polls” feature is a great option to successfully find that new signature beer, while still satisfying your customers’ desires!

Text message polling is simple to do and is a marketing concept that will save you money! Besides, everyone has a cell phone on them, right? Now you can turn every mobile phone into a polling device instantly. You create a poll and have your customers decide which beer they think should be the next new distinctive beer for your brewery. 

Your target audience will not only be able to poll in, but will receive visual feedback on the results of their polling. Polling can remain anonymous to protect your customers’ identities and their opinions. You can also put the poll results code directly on your website or social media sites.

Text message polling is a great way to engage your customers and make them feel important to your business. Getting patrons involved in your business will make them feel special and, in return, they will be more loyal to your brewery. This means you’ll see them walk through your doors more often to buy some beers. Not only will this help your company, but also you’re allowing your customers to decide what kinds of beers they want to see at your brewery. If they get the brews they want, you’ll get more business! It’s as simple as that!

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