Become Everyone’s Favorite Bar!


After a long week (or day!) at work, sometimes it’s nice to unwind at a local bar with friends/coworkers and catch up over dinner and drinks. As a bar owner you know the importance of making your patrons feel at ease in your establishment and to give them that sense of belonging; you never want them to feel out of place.  Part of that is including your customers in different aspects of your business and letting them know their opinions and business are valued. Showing your customers they are an important to you is a crucial part of owning a company; after all, without their business, your bar would cease to exist.

You can start in this process by implementing a text club. We offer a great service called Ripples. With Ripples, you can send texts to everyone in your club with exclusive information and special deals, schedule them in advance and even apply filters to each Ripple sent out. Once you have a text club in place, you can include our Pipeline service, which is the most crucial part.  Pipeline allows you to text your patrons on their text club opt-in anniversary date. You can set up as many as you want, just one time, and it’s completely automatic and hassle-free afterwards! An example of a perfect message would be: “Thank you so much for being a member of our club for [amount of time]! Come in and get [% off or free item]!”  Another great tool to use is the Birthday Club.  Along with thanking your customers for being a part of your text club, you can also send birthday messages and offer them special deals. After the user information is input, everything is automatic – effortless!

Not only will your bar exceed the expectations of your patrons in terms of service, but they will be elated to receive tailored text messages just for them. It shows that you are willing to go out of your way to give your customers that sense of belonging. They’ll feel at ease in your establishment and hopefully become regulars if they aren’t already!

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