Mobilize Your Nail Salon!

As of June 2013, the number of cell phones as a percentage of the population is 103.6 in the United States – that’s a lot of phones! It’s no surprise that mobile phones are so popular considering how big of a role technology plays in our everyday lives.  Business is done online and through mobile apps, customers are serviced via online chats – almost anything can be done online with the use of technology, and that’s how the majority likes it. Doing things online is easy, quick, and straight to the point. Is your nail salon partaking in the online revolution? It should be!

The first step to joining the technologically savvy world is using our Mobile Builder to create a sophisticated message to reach your audience..  On this page, you can add pictures, unlimited text (other services have a 160 character limit), specials, coupons, and even a way to request appointments! Then, by using our Ripples service, you send out the link to your new page in a message to your whole club. For example, if your salon is having a pedicure special, you could send out a text saying “Clink on the link to check out our 2 for 1 pedicure deal going on now! [link here]”, which would direct them to the page with the coupon or more information. It’s perfectly easy and a great start to entering the technology world!

Part of owning a business is making sure your customers are always satisfied, which is why we’ve included digital comment cards in our Mobile Builder.  There are different question formats to choose from such as 1-10 scale, text answer multiple choice, etc. All of the replies from the end user can go back to any email address you choose.  Not only is the digital comment card convenient for you and your customers (and also eco-friendly!), but it also eliminates the possibility of the card being pitched by a staff member.

Technology is all around us and pretty soon, everything will be digital.  Now is the time to take a step in that direction and make your nail salon jump on the digital trend. Create your mobile site with us today!

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