New Law For Text Message Marketing

Change is occurring in the mobile marketing world today. A law that was passed last year is now taking effect and most companies with text clubs have already sent out messages asking consumers if they would like to continue receiving updates to their mobile devices. If you are a business owner and have a text club, you know that your customers have to express consent before they can receive any type of text message marketing from your company, but with the new law, patrons must now express regular consent (simply joining) and written consent (reply yes or no to confirm/electronic signature).

There are two types of messages that are sent through texts clubs: marketing messages and transactional messages. Marketing messages are considered messages containing anything along the lines of the following:

  • 20% off
  • Buy one, get one free
  • Item now available
  • New and improved!
  • Now even better!

While transactional messages are along the lines of:

  • Thank you for your entry into the contest
  • Class is cancelled for ___ University today
  • Bad weather alert

If you have a mix of the two types of messages, you still need to go through the proper steps for consent according to the new guidelines since your company sends marketing messages.

When obtaining consent from your customers, make sure the details of the text club are completely clear. It is recommended that the description is thorough, the name of the company is provided, additional carrier costs are specified, help is offered, and opt-out instructions and the amount of texts are included.  These are not required according to the new law, but are practices that are recommended to follow. When sending out the actual texts, make sure you stick to the content the members signed up for; do not send additional information they didn’t agree to receive. If customers simply entered a contest and only want updates about that, but they start receiving information about new products, chances are they will opt out. You will more than likely lose text club members if you don’t stick to the content as described.

With the new law taking effect, it is imperative your company takes the necessary steps in compliant with these regulations in order to save your company and customer database. Here at Text Ripple, we value our customers and are working with our customers on an individual basis to ensure they are 100% compliant.

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