Dine In, Leave With Rewards

Mobile phones are an important part of everyday life, no matter your profession. We use them to communicate constantly, whether it’s a phone call, email or text. This is the era of technology and more and more companies are utilizing the resources available to advance their services. The majority of customers prefer companies to be easily accessible via mobile devices, computers, etc. If your business isn’t up to speed with the latest technology, now is the time to catch up, and our Widget service is the perfect place to start!

The Widget is a data collection tool that collects the demographic information of your audience upon the entering of your text club.  This can either be used alone or in addition to the short code texting service, where a keyword is texted to a short code to join the club.  The Widget is completely customizable; you can determine the fields put into the Widget, the design, etc., and it can be posted on Facebook and/or your website.  If you are using our Ripple service, you can also insert it into a Ripple to update your customers’ information!

When implementing the Widget, you can use one of two QR codes along with it: the first creates a text on the client’s phone that has the keyword and short code all ready and all they have to do is press send to join the club and the other takes them directly to the Widget where they fill out the necessary information to join the text club. Both are super easy and convenient – two things everyone loves when it comes to technology! The best thing about the QR codes is you can use them anywhere: on business cards, flyers, and posters, even t-shirts. Tap into your creative side for the use of this great tool!

By using the Widget and starting a text club, you are giving your patrons inside access to exclusive information, upcoming events, and special deals. You are showing your most loyal customers that you appreciate their continued business and will keep rewarding them for as long as they keep coming back. Advertise it as much as possible and let them know this is one thing they don’t want to miss!

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